Friday, February 26, 2010


It seems like everyone I know has caught the Olympic fever and is busy sharing a moment with the world.
There is no fever or moment sharing in our house, we haven't watched one second of the Olympics. It has been pointed out to me that not watching the games is decidedly un-patriotic. Basically, not being interested in Curling and Ice Dancing is a sign of disloyalty. I had no idea that my American-ness hinged on watching sporting events.

What about you? Are you watching the Olympics, or are you a subversive, like me?


  1. As we are in the same house, you know I too am not watching the Winter-less Olympics. It's not because I don't like sports or hate America or Canada (wait, I do hate Canada, but that's not the reason) ... it's just that I don't care. Sleding? Figure Skating? Curling? Pass.
    JK about Canada by the way.

  2. We don't watch the olympics either. Our lives are so busy we just don't have the time to sacrifice.

  3. I understand what you mean about what does sports have to do with our love of country. However, I do find ice skating great revenge on the football season where the TV is on the games but now one is watching until you try to turn it off :-D. The aerial skiing has also been a good way to have one of my "lively" grandsons get zoned out and calm down . . . so we can both go to sleep. Not sure what I'll do next week, go back to reading stories I suppose!

  4. I take it all back - I will probably watch the gold metal game of men's hockey, US vs Canada. Hockey is a legitimate sports, as opposed to say, Ice Dancing, and see my previous post regarding my feelings for Canada, so ... USA! USA!