Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Wait Is Never Over

So far this week I have taken the kids to the dentist, spent a lovely afternoon at the DMV, and been to the vet with Gavin where they did things to him that I don't want to think about. That is in addition to all the normal weekly trips to play practice, dance class, piano lessons, etc... Sometimes this mom life is all about the driving and the waiting.

Things That Occupy My Waiting Hours

  • writing lists
  • playing games on the iPhone
  • reading my Kindle
  • making phone calls and setting up appointments for more things that I can drive someone to and then wait for them


  1. Gotta love the whole driving and waiting routine!
    I really like that you have things that occupy your "waiting" time!!! Great job. :)

  2. Just imagine what life would be like had you seven children.....