Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next To Normal

You would think that making a musical about mental illness and it's impact on a family would by a bad idea, but after you see Next To Normal you realize that it is actually a very,very good idea.  It's not your typical Broadway musical, I think that's why I loved it.  

Seeing Next To Normal was on our to do list when we were in New York last year, but it didn't work out and we were disappointed that we missed it.  Imagine our excitement when we found out it was coming to San Francisco, and that the Tony Award winning lead actress (Alice Ripley!) was in the touring company.  We had a reunion of our NY trip because we went to the show with our friends Jenna and Leslie. We reminisced about our time in NY over a leisurely dinner after the show, and we all agreed that what we had just seen was one of our favorite shows ever.  Next To Normal really is that good, the subject matter is heavy but it expertly walks the fine line between heartbreaking and hopeful. If you have the chance to see it you should, after it you will never think of Broadway Musicals the same way.  

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  1. Thanks! It's always good to hear a review from someone you know. I'll keep an eye out for it, but I have a feeling it will take a little while to get to Tucson!