Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventures In Dog Photography

You remember Gavin's lovely sister, Summer?

She's visiting us for a few weeks, and while she's here I'm determined to take a beautiful brother/sister picture. So far my results have been less than amazing, but I'm not giving up. 

Here are a few of the outakes from the millions of shots that I've taken.  Steve had the brilliant idea that I post some of the less than perfect shots so that when I post the amazing shot it will seem more impressive.  Also, he just thinks they're funny.  


  1. Steve had a great idea! While these may not be the picture you have in mind, they are still fun! I love the 2nd one down on the right side! It's my favorite. :)

  2. LOL these are pretty funny. you seem to have some little hams there. I have to ask you, do they snore. they really look like they would with their little short snouts!

  3. Oh, they snore. When all 4 of them are together it can be quite a cacophony of sound. That's why they sleep in Dane's room.

  4. Summer time is over ... now is the Winter of our discontent. :(