Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Time

This is Summer
She's Gavin's sister, isn't she beautiful?

Gwen was at a dog show this weekend and Summer was here on loan. Gavin was excited to have his sister around and they were adorable together. It was interesting having a fawn dog, we are so used to our brindle brigade that a fawn face was exciting and new. Summer is very sweet and easygoing, she was a fun house guest. I'll admit that we were a bit sad to see her go home, we had to remind ourselves that 3 dogs is more than enough.



  1. I really like the color difference, but you are right, three dogs are enough.

  2. I was just u there in N CA and thought of you. It sure is a pretty part of the country, love it!

    Unfortunately the trip had to be cut short so I didn't get to take my daughter on over to the bay area, Drat!

  3. Gavin and Summer are ying & yang: boy & girl, brindle & fawn, hyper & easy going. It was fun having her over, she is very sweet and looks like she is always smiling.

  4. You ALWAYS get the greatest pictures of your dog! They are so fun to look at. :) How fun to have Summer over for a visit!

  5. Really, once you have three, what's one more? ;]
    They are so adorable. I love the pictures and stories you share! :]