Friday, February 13, 2009

Baked With Love

For Dagny’s birthday last year she decided that she wanted red velvet cupcakes. I thought, no problem, and went off to order them from the bakery. It was then that she let me know that she not only wanted the cupcakes, she wanted us to make them. As everyone knows, despite my fascination with the Food Network, I don’t really cook. Since it was the child’s birthday I decided to humor her and we ended up finding a recipe and making the cupcakes. We made several dozen and she took them to her dance class to share. Turns out, the cupcakes were amazing and they are now legendary. This week it's her dance teacher’s birthday, and it was suggested to me that I bring red velvet cupcakes to her party. Why, you ask? Because somehow I managed to trick everyone into thinking I know how to bake. We made the cupcakes, took them to the party, and everyone loved them. I am unaccustomed to hearing praise about my cooking skills so all in all it was a pretty gratifying experience.

Dagny filling the muffin cups, the batter looks like a crime scene.

Cooked and cooling

Finished product


  1. Wow!!! When I looked at the first photo I thought the cupcakes were from a bakery. The even sizes, the perfectly piped frosting and the perfect touch of red sugar sprinkles! So you don't cook but you can bake which doesn't surprise me because it involves more precise mathematical and pre-planning skills.

  2. Sheila, I think you might be the nicest person in the whole world. Thanks for the awesome comment. You can come over and I will bake cupcakes for you anytime.

  3. I have to give you props - I normally don't like cupcakes or cake in general but your red velvet ones are good. I think you should add them to holidays other than Valentines. They would be great for Halloween since they look like bloody flesh, maybe with some blue vein frosting.

  4. I am impressed! I had no idea you baked so well. The cupcakes look so professional!

  5. Sabrina - That means a lot coming from you, thanks for the compliment.