Monday, February 16, 2009


The kids and I read the book Coraline several years ago and we’ve been looking forward to the movie ever since we heard they were making it. We were worried, because we rarely like movie adaptations of our favorite books. Not so with Coraline, the movie is nothing short of magical. But, it's a magical tale with a sinister edge. It's genuinely frightening. The movie is visually stunning, the stop-motion animation is just plain jaw dropping. Coraline is a remarkable feat of imagination by the filmmakers, and of course, by the author Neil Gaiman. Two thumbs up from all of us.


  1. We saw the preview at the theater and although it looked very interesting we are skeptical as to whether to take Brigitta. Is it really that frightening?

  2. It really is frightening, but more than that it's disturbing. If my kids were younger I still would have taken them to see the movie only because they'd read the book and knew what to expect.

  3. My friend has 2 small children (3 & 6) and I advised him that Coraline was too scary for them in my opinion. I did recommend it to my other friend who is a movie buff because the story is good and the stop-motion animation is amazing.