Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh, the Places You'll Go

At the library the other day it hit me, my kids are no longer little kids. This may not seem like groundbreaking information, but it has come as quite a shock.

At the Danville Library if you turn to the right, you go to the children’s section, to the left is the young adult section and the main part of the library. When we first started going to the library, it was all about going to the right. The three of us would sit at the little tables and I would read picture books to Dane while Dagny worked her way through the easy readers. Then it was Dane’s turn with the easy readers and Dagny went off exploring in the stacks. Dagny would often come back with a book and read it to Dane while I sat blissfully reading a book of my own. Dane eventually went on to bigger books of his own, and we went on like that for many years. Then a change started to occur.

Uh, mom? We don't fit in these chairs anymore

Dagny started making forays into the “other” side of the library. The kids section couldn’t contain her, she was looking for something more. She found what she wanted to the left, and rarely veered to the right again. This was all well and good until this week when I noticed we hadn’t been to the kid’s section for a while, Dane had followed Dagny to the left.

Watching them both head off in the same direction is when I realized that I no longer have little kids. I’m sure I should have seen this coming and prepared myself, but here I am, blind sided by the fact that I am now the mother of two “young adults”. The days of Dr. Seuss and The Berenstain Bears are long gone.


  1. I love the way you shared this is wrapped up so nicely with the Dr. Seuss reference. It is hard to see them grow...I know I still think of them as little kids. I sit back and realize that my kids are growing fast as well. Because I have to work right now, I feel as though I am missing so many of those precious moments, and "firsts." It serves as a great reminder to treasure the moments we have with our children, no matter their age! I love that you guys still go to the Library together! I also love to read, and am hoping to instill that love of reading and learning in my girls as you have in your children.

  2. The library is one of our favorite places to visit each week. There is so much excitment and adventure just waiting to be discovered.
    Having children of ages, I can tell you that your days of Dr. Suess and the Bernstein Bears are only over for a season. One day you will escort your grandchildren to the library and you will experience joys beyond your imagination as you relive the same experiences with them. Life is wonderful, find the joy in each moment!