Friday, June 19, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

Dane is notorious for finding and keeping spare change. If he sees coins laying on the counter, he'll pocket them. (don't worry, he only does it at home) If you give him money to pay for something, he'll keep the change. This practice paid off for him in a big way. He and his dad took all the change he has collected to the Coinstar machine to sort it and count it. (they had to put it in a backpack to get it all there, it was so heavy Dane couldn't even lift it) He had so many coins it took about half an hour to cycle all of them through. When all was said and done (and the Coinstar machine took it's percentage) Dane walked away with $280.

Mr. Moneybags

There are 2 morals to this story;
  1. keep your change because it adds up
  2. crime does pay
Guess which one Dane learned?


  1. I'm not sure...Hehe. That really was a lot of money. Maybe I should stop handing my change to my kids! :)

  2. My faith in humanity tells me that he learned to keep his change. :) That is an incredible amount of change. How long has he been collecting.

  3. He says he's had his stash for about 4 years. It really is amazing that he accumulated so much.

  4. The funny thing about Dane is that he loves to have money, but hates to spend it. Since he got his windfall he loves to talk about all the things he could buy, but won't. Most likely he will hide the money then forget where eventually he hid it. If Dane lived in Middle Earth he would be a Dwarf.