Monday, June 15, 2009


Dagny's birthday this year had something extra special about it, she turned 14 on the 14th. I think we should celebrate with 14 years of birthday memories.

She literally planned her own first birthday party. She told us what color her decorations should be, what she was going to wear... The best part was everything matched.

Celebration at Gymboree, easiest party ever.

When she was 3 she was obsessed with the Little Mermaid, so her party went Under The Sea. There was a special face painter who could paint any Little Mermaid character for you.

She had her first luau when she was 4.

When she turned 5 she hosted the Dagny Olympic Games.

I can't remember why she was so interested in Mexico when she was 6, but that led to a Fiesta.

The Art Party, every kind of art project you can imagine.

She had just started dancing Hula, and we had just gotten back from Hawaii, so of course she had a luau when she turned 8, complete with hula lessons.

The funnest Pajama Party ever. We kept the bounce house overnight.

Pool party, we gave every kid an underwater camera, the pictures are awesome.

Celebrated turning 11 at the beach. Windy and cold but so much fun.

Started out at the pool, then make-overs and an all night dance party. As party favors everyone got matching pajamas, they wore them when they went out to breakfast the next morning.

Invited her best friend to go to San Francisco and see Hairspray.

This is what 14 looks like


  1. Natasha your family is wonderfull, Congratulations,

  2. You've always done a great job for the kid's birthdays to make sure they had a special day. Hopefully they appreciate it, I do.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to Dagny! I really enjoyed watching her grow up through the years. It made me wish we lived closer so that our children could have grown up together and celebrated these choice occasions. You have done a great job making your children's birthday's special.
    Happy Birthday Dagny!

  4. That was such a cool post! How neat to be able to sit down and look at all her birthdays in one shot. She is lucky to have a mom that puts in so much work to make her day so special! :)
    Happy Birthday Dagny!!!

  5. Thank you. And thank you mom! 14 on the 14th was not at all a disappointement.