Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just Not The Same

Gavin is with his breeder at a dog show this weekend, it's lonely around here without him. We are really missing him, the house is so quiet without his snorting. Dane has tried a couple of different things to make up for Gavin's absence; 

He made a valiant effort to fit himself into the dog crate, 
and while it was hilarious it didn't make us miss Gavin less. 

The stuffed dog in the crate was a sweet idea but it just made us sad.


  1. Dane is so funny! My girls, and husband, want a puppy so badly. But we live in a very small apartment, on the 3rd floor, and have no yard or anything. We need a house and a yard before we can get a dog. So we are waiting for the day that we will have a dog to love the way you guys love Gavin!

  2. Dane reminds me of Mar-Kell. He seems to be quite the comedian. I am anxious to get the kids together for the reunion coming up.

    Why was your dog with the breeder this weekend?

  3. His breeder borrows him occasionally to show him at dog shows. He won today, he's quite the little champion.

  4. The stuffed pug in Gavin's crate was my idea, but it back-fired - instead of making me feel better it me miss him more. Our lives are empty and sad without him, I don't know how we managed BG (before Gavin)