Monday, August 10, 2009

1 Month Old

Anyone tired of puppy pictures yet? These pups are so adorably funny, I could look at them all day. We visited them over the weekend and watched them play with toys and wrestle with each other, the amount of cute going on is nearly irresistible.

this one tried to come home with us

it was tough to get these two to put the puppies back

this is not easy to resist

she is the cutest one of all


  1. All four of them are adorable and have interesting differences. One boy is a very light brindle, almost tiger striped, while another boy is almost pure black. The girl is very feisty while the big boy is likes to nap. I can see a lot of Gavin in them.

  2. Ahhhh....They are cute puppies. Are you guys going to get one of them to keep Gavin company?

  3. They are VERY cute puppies! I wish we could get one. Tatianna would be so happy she'd be beside herself with joy! That last picture is especially precious!

  4. Remember my empty nest issue while the kids were at camp? I think when the kids are grown I'm going to deal with my issues by filling my empty nest with French Bulldogs.

  5. I'll leave the breeding to the professionals, it's very complicated to produce a quality Frenchie. I think I'll just collect them.