Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Final Goodbye

Dagny going to school and the start of Dane's football season has forced me to face an obvious truth; summer is over for me. Usually I don't officially say goodbye to summer until after Labor Day, but this year it seems fall, with all it's responsibilities, snuck up on me. It doesn't matter that the weather still says summer, my vacation is over. This summer was pretty fantastic, I miss it already.

Some favorite summer activities I will no longer be able to enjoy

  • sleeping in
  • staying up late
  • wearing sun dresses
  • long evening walks that end with frozen yogurt
  • watching TV with the kids in the middle of the day
  • laziness

Fall is serious business, but lucky for me, it also includes my favorite holiday (Halloween) and this year I have a visit (hopefully) from my sister to look forward to. That makes the sadness over the end of my fabulous summer just a little easier to deal with.


  1. Yes, summer was too short and with fall our lives are busy beyond belief. I too love the holidays in the Fall and look forward to special memories with family. We are working hard to make our visit with you happen. :)

  2. My summer came and went in a flash...I started back at school on July 29th. It hardly seemed fair to me and my girls. Fall is a VERY busy time, but we also love the holidays. My girls LOVE Halloween and are already talking about who they want to be, picking pumkins, and so on. It is great to have that to look forward to!

  3. I'm glad summer is over. Now we can get back serious business, football in all it's forms: Dane's, NFL, Fantasy.