Sunday, November 1, 2009


How do you celebrate the milestone that is your 12th birthday? If you're Dane you do it with lots of food, lots of presents, and lots of video games.

chocolate chip pancakes

tons of presents

The magic card at Dave and Buster's that
lets you play all the video games you want

putting the card to good use at the air hockey table

killing some Aliens

the cake makes it official, he's 12 now

Dane is a low-key kind of guy, he didn't want a big party or have everyone making a fuss over him. He designed a birthday that was just right for him, and it was perfect.


  1. The birthdays with just "family" are the ones they will remember the most. It looks like he had a great time, food, games and all. :)

  2. Its a 12 year old boys dream party! Nice choices Dane! And I'm glad you had a Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Dane is my hero. I hope he grows up to be a string theorist. Huggles from Uncle Blake.

  4. Dane also happens to be my son's middle name.