Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Bookstore...

Dane came to me the other day all excited about a book he had just read. He was going on and on about all the things he liked about it, and then he casually mentions that he thinks there's a sequel to it. If he's excited about the book, then you bet I'll find him the sequel. Off we go to the bookstore, and Dane mentions that he thinks the book is actually a series. Wonderful, if two is good three is better. At the used bookstore we found two entire shelves dedicated to the book series. There is not one, not two, but twenty books in the series.

This is what we came home with

I've always thought that Dane lives in another world and only occasionally visits this one. The world he is currently inhabiting is Redwall. It's a little bit Tolkein, a little bit King Arthur, and according to Dane, it's an extremely interesting place. From the amount of books he now owns it looks like he's going to be there for quite awhile.


  1. Go Dane! I have always loved reading and am excited when my children find books that open an whole new world for them to explore. For Kendrick it is Star Wars.

  2. Yay Dane! I hope you enjoy your books!! I must admit I am a little bit envious. I have been craving a good read...as opposed to the stuff I often read for work. Any suggestions?

  3. So cool! Mom's is certainly a great influence here I know.