Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. With no presents, costumes,(dressing up like Pilgrims and Indians? Please.) or chocolate, it just really didn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a nice meal and a day spent with family, but Thanksgiving has never had me jumping up and down in anticipation. This year I think my Grinch heart must have grown three sizes, because I loved every moment of Thanksgiving. The reason for this change of heart? My sister Sabrina and (part of) her family came to spend the holiday with us. Just the fact that they made the trip out here was enough for me to proclaim Thanksgiving a success, but the actual dinner itself was wonderful. I have always thought that Thanksgiving was a great deal of work for a meal that is quickly over. This year I learned that the joy of the meal is only partially in the eating of it, there is also a great deal of enjoyment to be found in the preparation and cooking. Is that because cooking is so much fun? Not really, it's more about the time spent together in the kitchen talking, laughing, creating, problem solving, (Sabrina rolled out perfect pie crust despite the fact that I don't own a rolling pin. That's impressive) and sharing the experience. I loved watching my sister cook and learning all the things she taught me. She didn't make creating a meal look effortless, she made it look worthwhile. All around, Thanksgiving was a revelation this year, a very delicious revelation.

*All pictures are courtesy of my 6 year old niece, Brigitta. Aren't they amazing? To keep her entertained while we were cooking I gave her my camera and she took pictures of anything and everything.


  1. How fun! I must say it was strange not to have the family in town, even if we were at my parents house for Thanksgiving. It seemed like every one had left us. haha! I'm so happy it turned out well. You guys will have to come down next year when the rest of us will be there!

  2. This morning when Brigitta woke up one of the first things she said was, "I miss Natasha." I second Michele's comment. Please plan on visiting us next year for Thanksgiving. We loved every minute we were able to spend with you and your family. It was a very memorable Thanksgiving for us. Thank you for inviting us.

  3. I really missed my family this year...and my mom's food... But I am so glad they were able to come share the holiday with you and your family. I know they looked forward to the trip with great anticipation! It would be awesome if you could come down here next year!!! Thanks for inviting my family and helping them create such special memories of Thanksgiving 2009.