Tuesday, November 17, 2009


How do you measure success?
When you have a football season where you lose more games than you win, you have to examine your definition of success. Dane's team did not have a winning season, but Dane had a tremendous year. He took on two new positions (center and kicker) and learned new skills, he worked hard and showed a great deal of maturity, dedication, and even when the score was 30-0 he never gave up. Along the way he made some friends and had some fun. Sometimes success is more than just what's on the scoreboard.


  1. Your such a wonderful mom.... Your kids thrive under your nurturing and view of life.

  2. You are absolutely right, success is not measured by whether or not you win, but what you learned from the experience along the way. It sounds like Dane was a winner.

  3. Success should never be measured by wins, but by what you learned along the journey! Winning is always great, but there is so much more to the game (and life, if you'd like to look at the bigger picture). I'm glad he came away with new friends and new skills. Go Dane!