Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My baby is growing up,
Gwen is 4 months old.

It's remarkable how similar a puppy is to a baby. They both don't sleep through the night, they make messes, chew on things, and they get into everything. You can't take your eyes off them for a minute. It's also easy to forgive them for everything because they are so darn cute.


  1. You take the most AWESOME photos. I know these images don't even start to do justice to her in person cuteness factor.

  2. We are anxious to meet her this month!

  3. Aha, a girl after my own heart. some people get offended when puppies are compared to babies. I don't get it! I say there are two kind of puppies, 4-legged and 2-legged!

  4. Sheila- you're right, she is far cuter in person, but I can't take credit for the pictures. The two of her standing were taken by her breeder. She is a far better dog photographer than I am, but I learned some tips from her and hopefully my dog pictures will get better.