Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My day started with a trip to the local pub. I don't usually spend my mornings at the bar, but I was there for a reason. It's a little thing called the World Cup, maybe you've heard of it.

We wanted to simultaneously watch the USA/Algeria and England/Slovenia matches, and what better place than somewhere that has a dozen big screen TV's, lots of fellow soccer fans, and is open early just for the occasion? This morning the pub was the place to be.

It was a fun atmosphere and Steve and I had a great time. You have to admire the dedication of the people who were there at 7:00 am, they really take their soccer seriously and it was so fun watching the games with them. (I was the only female there. I like soccer and I'm interested in the World Cup, but mostly I was there to hang out with Steve)

The US was in a must win situation and it looked like they weren't going to pull it off until they scored a dramatic goal in the 91st minute. It was awesome, and made more so by all the men in the pub jumping up and down and hugging eachother. It was quite the scene and totally worth getting up early for.


  1. That was pretty cool, glad we got to share it. I've watched some of almost every game and all of the US matches. The first 2 were exciting but frustrating, this win made it all worth it.

  2. That does sounds like an exciting ending to the game! I'm glad you two got to see it together! :)