Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Very Cold Tradition

Memorial Day = Beach Day

That's the way it is around here and has been for years. I'm big on tradition.

If you're going to a San Francisco beach there are 3 key words to keep in mind when you're getting ready;


Pack accordingly.

You may be asking, why would someone go to a beach if they can't swim, or wear a swimsuit, or even take off their jacket? Are cold, wind, and fog somehow desirable?

You bet they are, because through the fog you may glimpse something as awesome as this:

Someday I want to be as fabulous as these people

San Francisco beaches are beautiful, interesting places where you just never know what you might see. There are always people flying kites, surfers, and occasionally a guy in a cravat with a blue velvet top hat. What could be better?

Gwen was still gone, Gavin and Envy got to enjoy the beach. Gavin did not like
the water, Envy was a good sport about it, but not about the sand in her paws

Dane was the only one brave (stupid?)
enough to try the water, he didn't stay long

Dagny was feeling a bit cold and miserable
until she got out her guitar and played a set

Dagny's audience

It's never too cold to play in the sand


  1. Cold and wind...not so bad if you can still make it fun, and it looks like you guys did that! I love the pictures. :)

  2. It looks like great fun. Family traditions are the best no matter what the weather. :)

  3. The trick at NoCal beaches is not to arrive before 1 PM. The fog doesn't roll back until then and it's freezing.

  4. I think the trick in NoCal is to have at least two spirited beverages before even attempting any type of normal beach activity. ;]