Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morning Adventure

...Or How I Went To High School In My Pajamas

My day started with a phone call from Dagny. She had just gotten to school and realized she didn't have her math book and would I pretty-please bring it to her. Normally I wouldn't take the book to her, natural consequences and all that, but it's finals week and I cut her some slack. I found the book, grabbed my keys and headed for the car. Then I looked down and saw 2 things;
  • I was wearing pajamas
  • Gwen
Dagny needed her book in the next 5 minutes, I didn't have time to go up and get dressed, or put Gwen in her crate. (Gwen doesn't get to roam around unattended, she does naughty things) I scooped up Gwen and off I went in my monkey pajamas.

I've never really driven my kids to school (occasionally on a rainy day I might drive Dagny, but it really has to be a downpour) so my experience with school parking lots is very limited. (one of the great many things that is wonderful about home schooling is no early morning carpools) What I know now is that the high school parking lot is a nightmarish place filled with student drivers and impatient parents.  Instead of just dropping off the book and driving away, I was stuck in said nightmare for 30 minutes.

I know there are a lot of stories about mothers driving their kids to school while wearing pajamas and getting caught in embarrassing situations, but when one leaves the house wearing sleepwear they aren't thinking that anyone is going to see them. You never think it can happen to you.

While sitting in the never-ending line of cars inching toward the exit, little Gwen is on the seat beside me having a grand old time. She doesn't usually ride in the car unless she's in her crate, sitting in the front seat was a fun new experience. She enjoyed it to the fullest by standing on the seat and pressing her paws and sweet flat face against the window. The sight of such a cute little dog in the car caused the teenagers to stop and admire her, then call their friends over so they could ooh and ahh. This causes Gwen to go into super-adorable mode and now I have a crowd of students around the car. It's no big deal since I'm not moving, but now people in other cars are rolling down their windows and talking about Gwen. At this point I either have to roll down my window or look like a jerk, so I roll it down and engage in conversation. I like talking about how cute and adorable Gwen is, I just don't usually do it while wearing my monkey pajamas. I was hoping that Gwen's extreme cuteness would keep people distracted from my apparel, but those kids were observant, they noticed the monkey pants.

In that type of situation I feel that you have 2 choices; be embarrassed, or just own it. Life is too short for shame, so not only did I share my dog with the high school I shared my fabulous taste in pajamas.

What did I learn from this experience?
  • Never enter the school parking lot
  • Gwen's adorableness can stop traffic
  • A cute pair of PJ's is always appreciated

simply irresistible


  1. Gwendy always attracts a crowd. Don't worry - from driving past the school it looks like half the kids are there in their pajamas, you fit right in.

  2. I agree with Steve, thats the way kids dress now days. Here is Arizona they encourage such dress by having pajama days at school. Still, I would have made my child sweat while I quickly dressed. Great story!

  3. That's super funny, and yes, Gwen is totally irresistible!

    I take Conner to school in my pj's all the time, but haven't been caught off guard in my monkey pj's...yet!

  4. Okay, I am left wondering where is the picture of you in your monkey pants? I mean Gwen is a cutie, but let's see the pj's! :]

  5. Laura - you've seen me in my pajamas. ; )