Friday, June 4, 2010

Rock Star

I got a bunch of emails about my last post, (emails, not comments. Why not just comment on the blog? I promise that I will love you for it.) not about the bravery of hanging out on a cold beach, but about Dagny and her guitar. Apparently I've never mentioned that she plays. My bad.

While I was at Disneyland in February, Dagny sent me these pictures:

She had gotten her money, walked down to the music store, and bought herself a guitar.
By the time I got home she had taught herself to play it. Amazing.

She practices all the time, and at this point she has a full repertoire of songs. The guitar playing makes me feel better about all those years of piano lessons. Just because she wasn't passionate about piano didn't mean that she wasn't learning about music.

Whenever she has free time she spends it with her guitar, if she could she would take it everywhere. Having a portable instrument is a lot fun, it's very social. She gets asked to bring it and play at parties, how cool is that?

She is always willing to play her latest song, that means our house is a full of music. It's a beautiful thing. I had always imagined that our house would be filled with piano playing, but life happens and expectations change. I am very pleased that Dagny has found something that makes her so happy, I'm very impressed with my Rock Star.

Did I mention that she is completely self taught? That means no expensive lessons.
I love the guitar.


  1. My sons all did the same thing and now they get together and play the guitar. They too are self-taught. It is wonderful! You will have to record Dagny playing and blog about it. We would love to hear her.

  2. Makes me wish I had one! I think I'm the only kid in my family who doesn't have access to one at this point!

    And I echo my mom's sentiment...I'd love to hear her play something! ;)

  3. So wonderful to have music in the house :]