Sunday, August 1, 2010

And They're Back

Picking Dagny and Dane up from camp is always good fun.

The fun isn't just seeing them for the first time in a week, it's them taking us on a tour of the camp and their cabins, introducing us to their friends and counselors, listening to the campers sing the camp song, watching all the amazing performances(it's drama camp, it's full of really talented kids), and having people tell us how extraordinary and wonderful our kids are. That last one is especially fun.

This year Dane did lots of sports, arts and crafts, improv, and stage combat. Dagny focused on musical theater and rock band. We got to see her in a performance from Hair (which was so cool because we had just seen it on Broadway) and play guitar in a rock band. I was completely awe-struck watching her play the electric guitar, she was so completely a rock star.

I'm glad they had such a great week at camp, but I'm always happy to bring my campers home.


  1. I am glad they had such a wonderful time. There is no doubt that Dagny is a young woman of many talents. I am sure you are happy to have them back home. Your house must have been very quite this past week.

  2. That sounds like a GREAT camp!!! I'm glad they had such a great time. :)