Thursday, March 31, 2011


In my 20+ years of driving I've never gotten a traffic ticket. (parking tickets are another story, I've gotten plenty of those and deserved every one)  I've been stopped by the police, I've just never been cited.  You can chalk that up to the insignificance of my infractions, or to my amazing powers of persuasion.  Either way, no tickets for me.  Until today.

Dane and I were driving around in an unfamiliar town, we were kind of lost, I crossed a double yellow line, then there were sirens and flashing lights.  I wasn't trying to do something illegal and get away with it, I had legitimately made a mistake and done something boneheaded.  I was fairly certain I was going to be able to explain my situation and be on my way, then I saw a female officer get out of the squad car.  I knew I wouldn't be talking my way out of this one.  The officer was very nice, I deserved the ticket, but thus ends over 20 years of ticketless-ness.


  1. That's too bad! Have fun in traffic school ;)

  2. Those she-cops can be such b#@$%^es. Sorry to hear that. I got one the other day for registration tabs.