Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Commercial Break

I have a new obsession, and it's called Photobucket.  After a performance people from the Halau upload their pictures to various photo hosting sites so everyone can see them.  I was especially interested in other peoples pictures this time since I didn't get any shots of my own. (remember the armpit?) I am familiar with all these different photo sites, but this time Photobucket stood out, and now it's my new favorite thing.  I chose some shots that I wanted, ordered them, and picked them up at Target an hour later. The prints were cheaper than I could print them at home, I am very pleased.  I'm going to upload my photos and videos to Photobucket and then I can easily share them on Facebook and my blog. They even have an app for my iPhone.  I love technology.  


  1. Photobucket is pretty nifty! I use it when I'm tyring to make my own blog backgrounds.

  2. I had no idea Photobucket existed. These are miraculous times that we live in with all of this amazing techonology.

  3. How amazing technology is. You love it until every book is the world is digital.
    Though 'Photobucket' should save us a lot of money in printer ink.