Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dane has a thing for water balloons.  It's strange, but true.  Even before he figured out how to tie them he would fill them up and get Dagny to tie them for him. He has proved to be quite talented at the art of water balloon making, he knows the perfect amount of water to put in so it will provide the maximum splash on impact. For his 7th birthday party he made 300+ balloons and he and his friends had the most massive water balloon battle I've ever seen.   At the beginning of every summer the warm weather makes Dane think of water balloons (I told you it was strange) and he makes huge batches of balloons and we get to throw them at him. He runs around and gets wet and tries to dodge, and we get to pelt him.  It's a win for all involved. 


  1. Boys are so funny! But that actually looks like a lot of fun. And my girls are getting to the age where they would enjoy that. :) Thanks for sharing. Those are fun pictures!

  2. Great pictures! Boys are great.

  3. It's not often someone begs you to throw water ballon at them, so I am always happy to help Dane out. My favorite thing is dousing him with the water in the bucket that was holding the balloons. So even if he dodges every balloon, he always ends up soaked.