Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When Dagny was born her Grandma Caren started a library for her, and every month she would add a book to it. It was Dagny's own private book club.  This lasted until Grandma Caren passed away when Dagny was 2 1/2.  Some of Dagny's favorite and most beloved childhood books are from that collection, not just because they came from her grandma, but because her grandma had excellent taste in books. She was an elementary school teacher for over 30 years, and she knew her way around children's literature.  She was someone who loved and appreciated books, and she wanted to help instill that same love in her grandchildren.  I think Dagny and Dane's love of reading would please her, and I'm certain she would love knowing that she had a hand in it.  

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  1. That is a wonderful legacy! What tender memories for your children to have about their grandmother and how she played an important part in their lives. I am certain she is aware of their love for books.
    We also love books and I have read most of the ones you posted today with my children. Harry the Dirty Dog is one of our favorites.