Saturday, September 12, 2009

Any Given Saturday

It is now officially football season. Every Saturday from now until Thanksgiving you will find me on the sidelines cheering on Dane and his team. When people find out Dane plays football they have one of two reactions; they either think it's really cool, or they can't believe I am letting him play. I didn't foresee Dane becoming a football player, we've always been a soccer family. Steve has played soccer his whole life, Dagny and Dane started soccer when they were really young, I thought I would be a soccer mom forever. Last year Dane came to us and asked if he could switch to football, and believe me, my first reaction was to say no. As his mother I was scared, football is a violent game. After really looking into it, I realized I shouldn't keep him from playing just because I was afraid he would get hurt. He showed interest, passion, commitment, and talent, that's a hard combination to say no to. Last year when he was learning how to hit, I couldn't watch, and I almost had to cover my ears. When players hit each other it makes a sickening cracking sound, it's alarming. After awhile I got used to the sound, and eventually I got used to watching Dane hit and get hit. This is his 2nd year in the league, and everything about his football experience has been positive. That doesn't mean it's been easy, it means that in the end it's taught him a lot. I love being a football mom, it's way more exciting to watch than soccer. (yeah, I said it, more exciting than soccer. Don't tell the soccer people.) Expect lots more pictures and season updates, I wouldn't be a true football mom if I didn't brag a little.

Dane is playing center

Yes, that is Dane's arm. I'm horrified, he's kind of proud.


  1. I remember my sons coming home from their first official high school football practices with their arms wrapped in ice because of all of the hits they sustained. It was quite a sight. Sure football brought with it injuries, but it also taught my boys hard work, endurance, perseverence, teamwork and many more attributes that have helped them in their lives. I loved being a football mom cheering my sons on to victory.

  2. I remember taking my brothers food to get them through their day of school, followed by practice. I remember picking them up and taking them home too! Many times the smell was almost more than I could bare!!! But I know they learned a lot from being a part of a team and working hard together. I know they loved playing. I don't know if I'll ever be a football mom, but if that day comes I will have one more football mom I can go to for help, support, and ideas to help with my player and the team! Go Dane!!!