Friday, September 25, 2009

Times Have Changed

Dagny wins for best big sister ever by taking her little brother to the high school football game with her. She didn't need to take him, she wanted to. She's awesome like that.

It was strange to watch them leave together on a Friday night, it used to be that if I wanted a kid-free Friday night I had to call a baby sitter. Apparently those days are over, we have entered a new era. The era of teenagers. I think I need to go lie down.


  1. It is so heartwarming to witness such acts of kindness between siblings. It's a mother's PAYDAY!
    The realm of teenagers is quite an interesting one. Just be glad you are only dealing with 1 realm, I deal with 5...young children, teenagers, young adults, married children and grandchildren.
    I am often confused as to which one I am in at the moment. It makes for interesting times around here!

  2. I love the pictures...and I love that she took him to the game because she wanted to! That is the way brothers and sisters should treat each other. :) I hope they had a great night!

  3. Those two have always had a special relationship. Love those braids!

  4. Sheila - You know what those braids were for. : )
    I couldn't let her go to the game with 6 French braids so we settled on 2 and her hair looked great at the performance today. I don't think I'll ever make 6 again.