Friday, September 25, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

This is my staircase

This is the newel post that I hit my arm on every single day

When I was designing the staircase I knew exactly what I wanted the newel posts to look like. The stair builder asked me if I was sure I wanted something square and not something more rounded. I knew the look I was going for, I wanted square. I got square, and while the effect is stunning, it is also a safety hazard. I have had a bruise on my forearm for the last 2 years because I run into the edge of the post every time I go up the stairs. This doesn't seem to happen to the other members of the household quite as often, but Steve has been stabbed in the side many times. Just because the post has hurt me doesn't mean I don't love it, I wouldn't change it if I could. Sometimes you have to suffer for beauty.


  1. Your right, it is a beautiful staircase, well worth the pain.

  2. LOL....It is the most beautiful staircase I've seen in one's home. You have a gift for beauty and maybe a need for less tender skin.

  3. ILove it! It is beautiful. Why is it that beauty is so painful?