Friday, September 18, 2009

Back To School

I got to do something this week that I've never done before, I went to Back To School Night. Not a big deal for the other 2,000 parents that were there, but since it was my first time I found it kind of exciting.

The high points of my evening:
  • Seeing what Dagny does every day
  • meeting her teachers
  • having the Biology teacher tell me that Dagny's intelligence is "stunning"
  • being the youngest parent there (with the exception of some of the teachers and the student guides, I'm pretty sure I was the youngest person on campus)

The low points:
  • constantly being asked for money
  • being back in high school

I thought the whole night was quite interesting. I think Dagny has a couple of exceptional teachers, and as far as public high schools go, this is a really good one. It's amazing how much more accepted I am by the other parents now that I've "come to my senses and put Dagny in a proper school." One woman gushed about how wonderful it is for Dagny to be in a real school environment and that now that she's not at home I can do something with my life and I no longer have to "waste my potential by staying at home." I told her that Dane is still at home and that I will be wasting my potential for years to come.


  1. Its sad what people think of those who homeschool their kids, and of those who are home-schooled. When I started high school, they were rude enough to tell me that if I couldn't make it in the "Normal" classes, that they could put me in the remedial versions of the classes I needed to take. And that was said before they even gave me a chance. I was upset and very hurt. So when I graduated Valedictorian at the end of my high school years, I felt like I had really shown them a thing or two! I believe that the time and years you are "wasting" on your kids are the most valuable years of your life, and of your children's lives! They will go to school and find that they are much more prepared then their peers and they will soar above the masses!!! You've done a great job, and Dagny is already proving that!

  2. I have made it through many such evenings, some better than others. I too have come across my share of people who think that I am ruining my children's lives and wasting my talents by home-schooling my kids. My children are my legacy! It is my responsibility, not the school's to see that they are educated and prepared to go out in the world and succeed. As my children have entered high school, they are well prepared academically and socially, far above their peers. They are respectful, well mannered and able to speak intelligently to any adult they come in contact with. I am grateful to have been able to spend the most impressionable years of my childrens life with them. I love it when teachers are eager to meet me and are so complimentary of my children. As Dagny excells in school remember she owes her success to YOU! You are the one who given her all of the tools she needs to succeed.