Monday, September 21, 2009

Puppy Time

The Puppy Channel
All Puppies, All The time

This is pretty much what our lives have revolved around this week, we sit and just watch the puppies. Seriously, they're better than television. Sadly the puppies are going home tomorrow, we miss them already.


  1. We love the puppies! How neat to have them come and spend time with you guys. I can see why they will be missed.

  2. They were fun to watch. Brigitta really enjoyed them. She said that she loves their ears!

  3. Hi Natasha!

    Fun to see the little ones in your video!

    We're glad to meet another puppylover like those of us who tried to make The Puppy Channel(R) a cable TV network, back before the dotcom bubblebust around the "Turn Of The Century."

    And you are most welcome to visit to see the puppy videos we put up every Friday, along with the ones people send us of their own pups and dogs!

    Please feel free to invite your friends to send us video and join our Social Puppy Community at, if you and Steve, Dagny, Dane & Gavin like what you see there.

    Thanks, and ...