Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Eggcellent Question

I should have asked this question before I ate egg salad sandwiches all week, but what do you do with your eggs after Easter?  Getting rid of the leftover chocolate is way easier than dealing with the leftover eggs.  Dagny and Steve won't eat hard-boiled eggs, Dane likes them but won't eat eggs that have been dyed. ( he has issues) That leaves me to deal with 36 colored eggs all by myself. I can't give them away because every one I know has their own eggs to dispose of.  I have chopped them up in salads, deviled them, and made them into sandwiches. After all that I still have an entire carton left. I'm ready to throw the rest out or throw them at someone.        
Any suggestions?


  1. I make a white cream sauce, add the chopped eggs and serve it over Sour Dough English Muffins. Another thing that my family really likes is Bacon Egg Salad Sandwiches. I will slice the bacon before frying and when its nice and crisp I add it to the egg salad mix. It makes an amazing sandwich.
    Good Luck! Next year try only dying 6 per person.

  2. That cream sauce is a good idea, I remember that mom used to make it. I will try the bacon in the egg salad, everything is better with bacon.

    I don't know if I can limit the kids to 6 eggs, they'd think I was trying to stifle their creativity. Especially Dagny, she considers her eggs as art.

  3. Having 7 children I only allowed 6 eggs each. Can you imagine having to deal with 7 dozen eggs?
    By the way, we tried the Strawberry Salad with Shantell's birthday dinner and it was a hit. Thanks for sharing!