Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Awakening

It's official, we have spring fever.  It's absolutely gorgeous outside and none of us can concentrate on anything.  The kids aren't interested in their school work, I'm not getting anything productive done, we are distracted and lazy. I think the only cure for spring fever is to give in to it.  No school, no work, nothing that requires any thought or effort, just a day spent outside doing something or nothing at all. We are going to try for a cure today, if you need us we'll be at the pool. 


  1. Sounds like fun. Have a great time! Everyone deserves a break. :)

  2. I got the jump on spring a bit too early this year. Convinced the nice weather was here to stay, I took the covers off all the outdoor furniture and switched from heater to AC in the house. Now everything outside is soaked and we are all freezing inside! Darn groundhog lied ...

  3. Ahh yes...spring fever. As a high school teacher, that always comes as a challenging time for the students, and then myself. For us in Tucson it hit a few weeks ago when the weather was so beautiful. But this week we are going to hit 100 degrees and spring fever is gone now and everyone is ready for summer. Its a crazy time of year! Hope your day at the pool was fun!