Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost And Not Found

Dagny has had a rough couple of weeks, dentally speaking.  She has spent over 6 hours at the dentist and orthodontist having various procedures done.  On top of all that she somehow lost her retainer. Frankly, I'm surprised she kept it this long.  We have looked everywhere for it, Steve even went through the trash. While he was elbow deep in  trash I started to wonder just how far he would go to not have to shell out $500 for a new retainer.  He was willing to go pretty far, it was impressive.  

 when she had a retainer and was still in my good graces


  1. Kids, gotta love em'! Good luck in finding the retainer.

  2. Pretty far: using a shovel to unload all the trash from the trashcan into a wheelbarrow so I could sort through the rotten fruit and coffee grounds and kneenex and not find the retainer.