Friday, April 24, 2009

Ramses I

Much fuss is made, and rightly so, about our cute little dog.  A little known fact is that we also have a cat.  He's a very nice cat, but he has become somewhat of a second class citizen since the arrival of the dog.  We adopted Ramses from the shelter as a present for Dagny's 7th birthday, technically he is her cat, and she is the champion of his feline rights.  She thinks Ramses doesn't get enough attention anymore.  It's sad, but possibly true.  So in all fairness, and to assuage my guilt,  I will now give the cat some recognition.

A few facts about Ramses the cat
  • 10 years old
  • we adopted him when he was 3
  • Dagny named him after the Egyptian Pharaoh because she said if he lived in ancient Egypt they would have worshiped him
  • his original name was Comet (you can see why she changed it)
  • nickname is Ramo
  • ate one of Dagny's grass skirts once and had to have the grass surgically removed from his stomach
  • has no front claws
  • loves to sit on laps
  • furry alarm clock, if his bowl is empty he will wake you up at the crack of dawn
  • purrs loudly at the slightest hint of attention
  • is actually quite sweet and loveable


  1. We didn't know about the cat. Thanks for sharing. He is a beautiful cat!

  2. I introduced the family to your cat today via your blog and their comment was that Ramses looks like royalty.